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Omg, the blow brusher is a life saver, I enjoy using it, I am so in love with it


Am so glad I jumped on the blow rusher train I love it my daughter loves it we all love it 😍


It’s been an excellent product highly recommend .

Proved me wrong

I have extra fine hair, and when I blow dry with a brush I get lots of little hairs escaping the brush and leaving my blow dry looking messy.
I bought the Blowbrusher only because it had a good return policy. I was certain that since the air blows from inside the brush I would end up with even more ends sticking out that with standard blow drying. I was totally wrong!
Using the blowbrusher makes my hair smooth and shiny. Now I’m promoting it to all my friends.


It works great and dries quickly, makes my hair soft, which isn't bad, but having fine hair I like some volume, perhaps you can make one that has detachable head and have a round volume brush. But have no problems with my hair being fizzy or boofy.

Bomb diggity

My favorite buy of 2022!
Towel dried hair blown out in like 5 minutes, easy azzzz!
Can't believe it actually worked like the ad says lol
I've got fine hair but lots of it. Been wearing my hair down every day.
5 stars from a kiwi in Australia😉

Blowbrusher hair dryer volumizer

I purchased this for my wife 100% she loves it happy wife happy life

Blowbrusher Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush - Rose Gold


Wished I had purchased this sooner!! Styles my hair like I've been to a salon..

Great product

Very happy with this blowbrusher and came in a nice box. I can style my hair without it ending frizzy and is not harsh like a hairdryer. I recommend this blowbrusher.

Makes my life so much easier

I have thick, long and curley hair, takes me over 20 minutes to dry my hair leaving it frizzy and uncontrollable then an hour to straighten it. With the blow brusher I have very little frizz and its mostly straightened just by using it and cuts my drying time in half, I spend 15 minutes to go over it with a straightener. Best purchase and very worth it

Best ever

The blowbrusher is the best hair tool I’ve ever used I absolutely love it can’t live without it now


So quick and easy to use, absolutely love it!! I recommend to all my friends

Im obsessed

Not even kidding im so far in love with this thing i use it everytime after i wash my hair now. My hair is so silky now

Thank you, I really love my Blowbrusher hair dryer.

Just love

I am so in love with my brush I wish I brought it sooner, my hair is so soft and silky after using it’s amazing

I love it, so easy to use....

Blowbrusher I love it! Highly recommended

Excellent product

So easy to use and works really good no matter short or long hair

Quick & easy

Love it . Definitely recommend. It’s a blow dryer & brush in one, 2 birds one stone 🥰

Rose Gold

You guys this tool is LITERALLY my best purchase ever 😍 Does the job in 30mins not gonna lie I have a very thick hair and it took me forever cause I can’t do my own hair 😂 but it’s magical it gives me that volume bouncy look 😉

Ive extremely thick long hair and this brush takes me literally 5mins to blow dry my hair when its wet. perfect when in a rush for a quick blow dry hair style.

Great styling tool

Works like a dream no faults at all. Gives a beautiful smooth finish!